Tuesday, November 16, 2010

design matters: bedding

In my quest for good quality bedding sets for this feature on bedding I stumbled upon beddingsets.com, and found a bevy of gorgeous sets, as well as some really fun ones! The first couple I've featured below are very calming, and serene, while the last four are great way to introduce a splash of color through graphic patterns! Personally I love patterned sheets because unlike paint or wall paper, or other more permanent decor choices, bedding can easily be changed to give a fresh new look to a bedroom.
Here's my top choices from beddingsets:this last one immediately made me smile! I love the elephants! :)


  1. I totally forgot that I have an account!
    I love the third one! and of course the last one...I'd probably be so happy if I woke up to that every day.



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