Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm loving...

DAMASK WALLPAPER! These are just a few of the thousands of awesome options!
Growing up, I sort of assumed everyone had to have wallpaper in their home, simply because everyone I knew-did! (Not as fancy/cool as the ones featured above, but nevertheless wallpaper was a popular choice around our relatives and friends).
Nowadays, I'm smitten with how much character bold damask patterns can add to a room, and a peak into my sketchbook (or any of my notebooks, binders, daily planners, etc.) would tell you just how much I adore ornate, intricate motifs such as the ones shown here!
As much as I'd love to cover my walls in one these (bottom right corner would look great in my living room, for example!), living in a rental doesn't permit me to, so for now I remain a delighted admirer!
How about you?


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