Monday, November 15, 2010

Made by me

I love my tiny couch because of how well it fits the tiny living room of my tiny apartment! And as an added bonus it turns into a bed! To accessorize it, I wanted to add some color, while sticking with a color theme that can easily be carried from one season to the next.
As much as I love decorative cushions, for practicality purposes these cushions needed to be relatively sturdy, while still appealing. I realized I was a bit restricted to patterned fabrics without any beading, ruffles, or anything else that wouldn't last, and also wanted to stay within budget. So, I found the pillows at IKEA were great in softness and price, but the colors offered didn't fit my color scheme. And that's where the fun patterned fabric I had purchased a while ago, came in handy! I had bought left over fabric at a real bargain price, and it was probably sheer luck that the size of the left over piece was just enough for the two larger pillows! Sometimes it just works out...;)

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