Monday, November 22, 2010

Made by Me

I made this bib-necklace as a part of a Tribal-inspired project, which included a set of bangles (I'll be featuring soon!), a canvas belt, and re-vamped vintage bridal shoes (also, will be featured shortly). I was mostly inspired by the vibrant combination of colors, frequently seen in tribal attire, as well as the intricate beading, and gold accents.

Although it did take a while to complete (having to sew each seed bead one by one was a rather time consuming task) I was very happy with the turn out! Especially since I've got to actually wear it, which is always the cherry on top of successful projects. ;)

p.s.- as for why I didn't post the pics of the bangles and shoes on this segment, the reason is a bit irritating since I simply haven't been able to capture them in the right lighting, so that the colors appear true to life.
Hoping for more luck with that soon!



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