Monday, November 29, 2010

Made by Me

I finally succeeded at getting some decent images of the bangles that were a part of the 'tribal inspired' project I had made a while back. A couple of years ago I found these plain, sanded, wooden bangles in different widths, and bought a few, knowing that they'd come in handy! I used acrylic paint, and then sprayed them with a clear protector to avoid any scratches on the paint. For the large one, I wanted to have very visible brush strokes, so I used a think, cheap (bad quality!) brush, which gave the desired effect.
Sad part is, I returned to the store where I had originally bought the wooden bangles, in search for a dozen more, because they are great for projects like this, and just so easy to work with (no sanding, or priming necessary!), but unfortunately the place seemed to have stopped carrying them...:(

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