Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Style File: Lace

No denying I love lace; and those who have seen my blog-cards surely realize that, lol!
One afternoon, as I was browsing through Etsy (the equivalent of window shopping but out of the comfort of your home--perfect for the cold days ahead of us!) I saw the gorgeous ceramic lace bowl (#9.) and was amazed by its delicate detail! Naturally, I was inspired ;) and that's how this week's style file came about!

Lace can add visual interest to outfits, and home decor, while playing up the feminine vibe. Of course, as with most things, it's only good in moderation! Using it as accents around your home, or in your wardrobe, looks great especially when countered with rougher textures such as exposed bricks, wood, etc.

Oh, and I just have to mention--how amazing is the lace fence instillation (top right-#3.)?! Although it's not something one can easily get for their home, i had to feature it because I was simply in awe when I saw it!

p.s.- regret to inform you that items #5.,7.,9. have been sold, however do visit the Etsy shops and Modcloth, because there are newly added, lace-inspired items still available!

1. silver lace ring
2. lace chair
3. lace fence via coolboom.net
4. lace hair clip via Forever XXI
5. lace necklace via Modcloth
6. cream lace clutch
7. lace detail dress
8. rows of lace top
9. ceramic lace bowl
10. white lace clock
11. lace & leather flats

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