Thursday, December 30, 2010


(I like the formality of that post title!)
For the past few weeks I've been re-evaluating...well a lot of things, as it mostly happens near the end of the year; but my blog is one of them this year. As I thought about what sort of message I could try to convey through this outlet of mine, that would give it a more defined purpose, I came up with a few ideas.

One idea I had was to incorporate a bit of a challenge to myself, the lessons from which could help others, and also me!;) Here's a glimpse of the context of my challenge:
1. Over consumption and its ties with fashion sadden me;
2. Hoarding, or anything close to it, terrifies me!!! (that hoarding show on TV is easily the scariest thing on air!)
3. I want to stay within my monthly budget as I hope to save for things (trips mostly ;)) I know I'll enjoy.

In order to avoid over consuming, and overspending I figured I need to shop properly. For me, that means to apply my rule of 1-to-5 to most* items I consider purchasing, i.e.- one item that I know I can wear at least 5 different ways. True, sometimes doing that in my head near the cash-register can take a while, but it's worthwhile!;)
Plus, BONUS points! By doing this with items already in my closet I'll avoid becoming a hoarder and make mixing outfits that much easier!

So, starting January 2011, I will post the results of my 1-to-5 challenge (one outfit at a time ;))

Also! (yes, the excitement continues!) I hope this will serve as good training for another challenge I'm hoping to take part in--the 30 for 30!

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