Thursday, December 2, 2010

Design Matters: Glossy Glamour

Ever since I saw this spread in Elle DECOR dedicated to lacquer paint, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Mostly because I was undecided on whether I liked it or not. But I think I've resolved that: sometimes glossy can become overwhelming...unless, it's done either in a calm, serene color theme, or alternatively in a bold, eclectic vibe! The way I see it, the paint here is what makes the statement, and as such it can go either in the direction of the top image, where although the color is definitely bold, the room's serenity is still maintained; or in the direction of the third image, where the boldness really shines through.

Personally, glossy surfaces aren't alway appealing to me, however I do like some lacquered accents in my home from time to time. So, I'll leave my walls mat for now, but I suppose one day I'd like to experiment with something as bold as lacquered paint! (I'd let you know how that goes ;))

images via Elle DECOR

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