Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Style File: Emerald Green

A while ago, as I was browsing through Modcloth (a weekly habit of mine) I came across the gorgeous ankle boots (shown above), and I instantly loved them! The richness of the color and the texture, and of course the pretty bow really caught my attention, and so, as I was searching for inspiration for this week's style file I had to look no further.
Emerald green is definitely one of my favorite colors mainly because it looks great on just about anyone; I mean, it works with pretty much any complexion, hair color, etc. And although it's most often associated with the colder seasons, personally, I see nothing wrong with wearing some deep hues in the summer time as well!


  1. Did you see all the emerald at the Golden Globes? It was sooo gorgeous! :)

  2. so true! They were stunning :)



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