Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Style File: Red

With Valentines day approaching I thought red is an appropriate choice for this week's style file. I was even a bit surprised that I hadn't done a red one before, considering it's definitely one of my favorite colors. It's one of those hues that anyone could wear; just a matter of finding the right shade for your skin/hair combo. And for those who simply find it too vibrant, or overwhelming to wear in clothing (trust me, I've heard so many different excuses from people who refuse to even try on something red, which always startled me), there's all kinds of amazing accessories that can add a bold touch to many outfits!

I would probably wear any of the items I've featured here...except for that adorable hat (I wish I could,but I know I'd look like a fool....hats don't like me much). I can easily picture myself carrying around the Got It Braid Bag (#2) as I have for about 2 months now... I just can't justify the purchase yet!

1,3,11 via Polyvore
2,4,5,6,9,10 via
7 via Forever21,
8 via LuLu's,

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