Sunday, February 20, 2011

15/30-blazer love

I've just started to realize some of the rewards of this challenge; one of them being-how much wear I've been getting out of this blazer! It's great to remix an item like this, because it makes it so worth every penny.

On that note, I have a bit of a confession to involves me cheating, a vintage Ralph Lauren wool blazer with a crest, and a consignment store I shouldn't have found. It felt so wrong and yet so right, I just couldn't help myself! I know I made a promise not to shop for 30 days, and I'm only half way through and have already cheated, but I feel like there should be an exception to the rule when it comes to AWESOME VINTAGE BLAZERS!
That being said, I will stick to the rest of the rules of the challenge and NOT squeeze in the blazer as one of my 30 items. That means, you'll just have to wait to see how awesome it really is...;)

blazer-Forever 21
button up shirt- Jacob
wool shorts- H&M
tights- Anne Klein
ankle boots-Spring
necklace-?? (via a consignment store)
sunglasses- Roots


  1. I saw some boyfriend blazers at H& many colors! Is the 30 for 30 mean no shopping for 30 days?

  2. The 30 for 30 is a challenge that requires you to pick 30 items of clothing and shoes from your closet, to wear and remix only those items for 30 days, and to not shop for those 30 days.... that's the part that's turning out really challenging in the midsts of end of season sales!;)

  3. LOVEEEE this outfit! You look so cute! And I'm in love with your clutch!

    And unfortunately I don't get a long weekend. I have classes tomorrow. Boo. :(
    But I hope you enjoy yours! Where are you from by the way?

  4. Thanks Becky!
    I live in Toronto, Canada :)



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