Tuesday, March 1, 2011

24/30- look twice

Thought I'd share a short story about the necklace I'm wearing here. I promise it's short, plus it's got a message, so read on.
I love antique markets (real shocker right?!) and whenever I pass by the different booths I always look for little containers or boxes market down because they're full of broken, mis matched pieces. That's how I came along this little pendant, which was actually originally a part of a bracelet (and it must have been beautiful too). The vendor was very haggle-friendly, so I managed to get this little piece for 50cents, plus he threw in a pin just for kicks!;)

Moral of the story--when antique/thrift market shopping, look through the boxes of marked down bits; you never know when you might find a little treasure! (clearly I use the word treasure a bit loosely, but still)

blazer-Forever 21
teal tank-Dynamite
ankle boots-Spring
necklace-part thrift, part handmade


  1. Great necklace! I love what you did with your hair too!

  2. Digging around in the markdowns and broken stuff is my favorite! I like to imagine whether I can make something into a great piece whenever I look through stores' miscellaneous bits and pieces.

  3. Thanks Christine-so sweet of you!
    S--a personal favorite too!;) (clearly)

  4. Wow! Once again your outfit is amazing! :)

    We're sorry it took so long to respond to your blog awards but we send you a HUGE thank you!


    Natty and Jessie xo



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