Thursday, March 3, 2011

26/30- the wind in my hair

Notice how all is fine in the first photo, just me standing, no biggie. Then, all of a sudden, some crazy wind came through for about 5 minutes and it felt like it was going to blow me away! Instead, I just kept on standing while it blew and it was kind of like having one of those wind-making machines used in photo shoots...except messier and free.

By the way, spring/summer must really be hurrying to get here because I've been feeling very nautical lately. So far, I've had to fight it, just because there's only a few nautical items I can work with in my 30 items, but just you wait till we're in the solid double digit'll be nautical mayhem!

blazer-vintage via my momma ;)
ankle boots-Spring
belt-market in Florence (it still has that real leather smell...mmm)
scarf-coincidentally, also from Italy

In other news, today is a huge National holiday in Bulgaria (my motherland ;)) marking our independence. So Happy 3rd of March!


  1. So stylish!! I love the top and scarf combo!

  2. You look SO cute! I love that scarf. And the wind adds that great effect ;)

    Happy March 3rd!!

    Almost done with the 30 for 30! Yayyyyy!!! :)

  3. oohh I think I have the same shirt but I love love your scarf! Your accessories always make your outfit! :-)



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