Wednesday, March 16, 2011

blown away

This is one of the warmest, comfiest outfits ever! The vest was hand knit by a very talented lady, following the design of a vest my great-grandmother knit a good.. 40 years ago. I actually asked my great g-ma to show me how to knit this myself, but her instructions were basically : " oh, this is soo easy, you just....$#^#&^#%#9&"...right. So I had to settle for someone else attempting to re-create it, and I was blown away by the result!

I was also nearly blown away when this random gusty wind came around and made me question my choice of this tunic.

vest-hand knit
tunic-Joe Fresh
shoes- Gido
bangles- vintage & handmade


  1. You look so cute! I love the socks & oxfords! I can't wait to try it, and those bangles look perfect with that vest!

  2. Thanks so much Savannah! I had such a crummy day, and your comment made me feel much better!:) Best part of blogging!

  3. I love that vest! It's so beautiful and so much more special that it's handmade!

  4. Love your shoes! I think I need a pair of oxfords for spring :)

  5. This a great look, that vest is especially lovely!

    xo L.



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