Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I don't have a lot of 'rules' when it comes to fashion' there's just things I love, things I like, things I want to try and then there's things I know I should stay away from. For a while, I was very anti-animal print; it just didn't appeal to me. Part of the reason was that I usually saw people wearing tonnes of it at once; I'm talking head-to-toe in animal print. And let's just all admit that's not very flattering.
But, I've come to love a little touch of animal print here and there, as a sort of accent. And funnily enough, the leopard print on this blazer was kind of what sold it to me.
So I guess the moral of this is moderation, at least when it comes to certain prints ;)

boots-Franco Sarto
rings-vintage, Forever 21, H&M
belt-Nine West



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