Thursday, June 30, 2011

my inner 4 year old

top-Hemma; skirt-H&M; sandals-Nine West; necklace-Forever 21; bracelets-vintage & NYC street vendor

Like most 4 year old girls, I had a dream of becoming a ballerina (or a synchronized swimmer) and wearing a tu-tu was partially the reasons why I was so drawn to that particular career choice. Although nothing come of that, I always feel somehow extra girly when I put on a full(-er) skirt, such as this H&M steal! My 4 year old self comes out, and I'm easily impressed by shiny things, and bright colors (hence, the almost-neon top).

p.s.- the last pic is supposed to show the castle we see from out balcony! I'm surprised I haven't shown it off before (because it's a must stop for anyone who's ever taken my home tour)

p.s. #2-- Tomorrow is my B-day (birthday; not to be confused with BIG day, cuz that could mean a lot of things). I'm super-duper excited, and I hope to share some of the highlights of the day (such as the fireworks in my honor....jk, they're usually for Canada's birthday, but we share in the excitement)


  1. I love it! That necklace is amazing.

    Happy early b-day! You're a Cancer too! WOO! Mine is on Sunday.

    Hope it's the best!

  2. cute cute cute! I have to agree. All it takes is putting on my ballarina skirt and I find myself not walking but prancing and frolicking. it's great :)

  3. Such a cute outfit. I love your skirt and that necklace is really pretty.



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