Sunday, June 26, 2011

technical difficulties...

blazer-H&M; top-Joe Fresh; pants- Pieces; sandals-Nine West; clutch-vintage; watch-

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not the most tech savvy girl you'll meet. In fact, I kind of avoided using a computer until my teens, because I much preferred doing other things. The thing is, I can't deny all the pros for the technological advancements we've all grown accustomed to, but I will say this: sometimes, SOMETIMES, technological advancements can make you feel like a caveman/woman!

Take for instance last week, when in my attempt to change the banner of this blog I proceeded to mess it all up and then spent hours trying to figure out a solution, without any success. In the end, I gave up, slept on it, didn't even think about it till about an hour ago, and finally realized the simplest solution. I'm still not a 100% pleased with the turn out, but it'll do, until my html knowledge improves (or until I get some).

My technical difficulties did not end there though...oh no; my lovely (and very tech-savvy) boyfriend decided that shooting raw files is absolutely amazing, and he got some new program to edit them with, and all these fancy-shmancy shananigans I knew nothing about. Of course, that resulted in me spending nearly an hour on editing the 4 pictures you see above (in comparison, on Photoshop it usually takes me 10min, max!) and in the end, Blogger took 40 minutes (FORTY!) to upload them...

If I wasn't an incredibly calm person, I'd probably have given up and spared you all this little rant...but oh well, at least you've got 4 pictures to look at ;)

Happy Sunday!

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  1. i like your outfit! you look great!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )



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