Monday, July 4, 2011

lovely customer servce

top-H&M, shorts-Joe Fresh, necklace-H&M (Holland), sandals-Graceland, bracelet-vintage

I saw this necklace in an H&M ad in an H&M store in Canada, BUT the sales person said they hadn't received it yet (this is about a month ago; a few days before I left for my trip). That in itself always bugs me a little bit, because I don't like being lured in a store with pictures of stuff they don't even sell (atm that I go in...let's face it, I'm not the most patient person in the world; and when it comes to necklaces like this one, my patience is even less). Naturally, I left bummed out, but secretly hoped I'd spot one of these beauties in Holland (you know how certain chains offer slightly different things in different countries?...yeah, I was hoping to benefit from that)

And that brings me to the most helpful and sweet sales person H&M has ever hired. She ran around the entire 2 story store looking for this necklace, after I asked her, and then chased me down (I thought she forgot about me, so I started wandering around the store). She was polite, all-smiles, and brought me what I wanted :) In short, the perfect sales person!


  1. I almost thought that the necklace was a design on the shirt. It really makes your outfit. :-)

  2. Sounds like the necklace was meant to be. I love everything about this outfit!

  3. What a nice salesperson!! The sales people here in Paris would never do that. Ha.
    But I love this outfit! That necklace is so perfect with it!

    Sorry I haven't been around much girl. I feel so awful that I've been neglecting my blog so much. It's definitely been quite the hectic (but amazing!) summer. Hopefully when I get back to the States I can start my outfit posts up again. Miss you!

    P.S. LOVE your new banner! It's so creative! I'm thinking of going through a blog layout change too, but will probably end up messing it all up. Ha. Unlike you though, I wouldn't have the patience to fix it. Ha.



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