Saturday, July 9, 2011

told ya

sweater-Smart Set; romper-Promod; sandals-Pat Caivin; purse-Fair Lady; necklace-?? via Sears

You might get tired of seeing this romper sometime soon...this is what happens when I like something (be it, a song, an artist, a type of cereal, or in like in this case-a garment), I become kind of inseparable from it. Also, this week's been pretty hot and this little number is just perfect for that :)

This necklace's quickly becoming a personal favorite too. I bought it on 50% off, which was awesome, considering I probably would've paid full price for it, if I had to. It's also a testament to the fact you never know where you'll find some little gem to take home with you (it's from Sears...where I probably quickly walk through about twice a year)

p.s.- don't mind my lopsided bun... i'll try better next time :) Might even do something new and exciting with my hair! ...just don't get your hopes up


  1. I love rompers! This one definitely deserves to be worn a lot. You're so cute! Seriously looks like you just stepped out of a magazine. Love it!

    The Bombshell Manifesto

  2. I have never met a romper I liked, but I keep seeing other people wear them in cute ways. Maybe I'm not the proportions assumed in rompers, haha. As long as you mix the heck out of it, I won't despair seeing it lots. Also, hi again, I missed visiting your blog. I'm home now. (:

  3. I really don't think I could get tired of this romper. It's TOO cute on you.



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