Thursday, August 25, 2011

best 5 dollar purchase

dress-H&M; cardigan-H&M; flats-g21; purse-vintage; necklace-H&M

In case you were wondering what I've been living in since the last outfit post, here it is. This dress cost 5 bucks, and is simply the comfiest thing you could imagine! I'm sure you've crossed paths with it at your local H&M, and you probably glanced at it and walked away (like I did back when it was regular price) but come on, 5 bucks for a brand new dress?! who can pass that up...?!

Here's just 5 reasons why I love this dress so much (5 reasons, one for each dollar it cost me; clever, I know!):
1. it's pretty! (if I do say so myself)
2. the tiny floral print is super easy to work with and the remixing possibilities are nearly endless!
3. it's light as air! yet the length means I don't have to worry about my undies being exposed every time a whiff of air passed by
4. it's great for running errands in, (and especially great when you've skipped on shaving your legs...)
5. it's an awesome transition piece! I can layer it, I can wear it with boots, I can add a scarf,... seriously; best 5 bucks I've spent this summer!;)

Any awesome purchases you're proud of? Feel free to brag about them in the comments!:)


  1. I'm impressed that it was five bucks. How much was it to start with, then? Anyway, you look great in that length of dresses, didja know?

  2. I'm soo jealous you have an H&M nearby! It's rough living in a small town ; ) Love the dress!



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