Wednesday, September 28, 2011

rules are meant to be broken

 shirt-vintage (thrifted); skirt-Joe Fresh; belt-thrifted, boots-Spring; socks-H&M; purse-vintage via my momma, watch-gift, ring-XXI

Denim on denim... yeah, that's happening now. There's a few people on my life who I can guarantee will raise their eyebrow at this combo, but hey, I gotta break a few rules from time to time. That way when my kids look back at this one day (when they're all wearing monotone body suits and living on a spaceships, sort of Star Trek-ish) they'll have something to laugh at ;)

  ...if you think I'm trying to do some sort of fancy pose here, you're wrong. I was laughing/almost dancing (as evident in the pic below, where I'm half-busting a move), and these pics were all I had to choose from basically....soo, there you have it, nothing fancy going on here!...just so we're clear.

consider this a 'behind the scenes' type of shot ;) this is what goes down while I *think*my bf is adjusting the camera settings...I bust a move or two ;)
You're welcome!

So, denim on denim, 'yeyy'....or 'heck no!'??


  1. you look lovely!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. ahhhh looove it! Now I want to break this rule too...the best part is how fun your outfit is with the boots & socks!

  3. LOVE this!! You pull off the Texas tuxedo very well, my dear! hehe!!



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