Thursday, September 22, 2011


 As mentioned, there was a wonderful reason for my short absence from the blog: a trip to Vienna with my mom!
Although I've been there once before, this time I can truthfully say I got to know the city and admire it for all that it has to offer (delicious desserts, especially). When I say "got to know they city" I mean it in the sense that we didn't set out to do a bunch of tourist things, but simply bought a map, and went for long walks around the city, exploring what it has to offer (which surprisingly included a barking man who we got the pleasure of encountering one week). That being said, there were of course certain obligatory tourist things to be done, such as visit a few sights and eat dessert twice a day, everyday ;) but for the most part, we just let Vienna show us all its glory. 

Here's some snapshots of the trip!
(warning: this is a photo heavy post...and there's a decent amount of pictured that might make your mouth water...) were warned!

 One of the most interesting parts of traveling is always seeing how locals live, and where! This epic Viennese penthouse was gorgeous on the outside, and I can only imagine the inside....unfortunately, the locals seldom like to invite random tourists over for tea....:(

 part of Franz Joseph's palace; fell in love with all the tiny details from a time when everything was built to be beautiful!

 seriously, how much more 'modern-day fairytale' can a city get?! 

 wearing: Jacob shirt; H&M pants; Joe Fresh socks; Pat Calvin loafers; scarf (borrowed from my momma)

 just one of the maaaany ah-mazing cakes we tried...

 wearing: Anonymous Clothing Co. top; Dynamite tank; Pieces pants; Pat Calvin loafers; vintage purse vie my gma! at the Schonbrunn palace

 one of my favorite things about Vienna are the beautiful doors, none of which matched any other that we saw! I quickly established a little obsession with them and tried to capture as many as I could. Aaand since I realize not everyone shares my adoration of doors, I've spared you the entire collection, and just showed you this one ;)

my last Vienna dessert...I'll always remember you fondly!


  1. It's good to know where you've been and that you had a great trip. Your photos make me wanna travel! (: Welcome back. Glad you had fun.

  2. ooooohhhh I love it!! Totally worth being absent from the blogging world...*sigh* I need a vacation!

  3. those desserts look fabulous!! :)

    xo jeanette



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