Wednesday, November 23, 2011

yumm factor

Love me a delicious salad that's so good it's basically a whole meal!
This one was worth sharing ;)

baby arugula (about 2 cups)
parsley (half a cup)
avocado (1/2)
pears (1)
walnuts (or pine nuts, or walnuts, or any nut you're fond of ;))
olive oil 
soy sauce
chubritsa (yeah, have fun pronouncing that one ;) it's a Bulgarian herb that's super delicious and pretty hard to find anywhere outside the country, but you can substitute oregano/thyme)

1. wash and dry the baby arugula, parsley and pear
2. rip up any large arugula leaves, chop the parsley and toss together with some soy sauce and olive oil
3. add chopped pear and avocado
4. mix in some chubritsa or if you're less fancy ;) some oregano/thyme
5. add walnuts (or other nuts) 

Serve & enjoy!



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