Friday, March 8, 2013


super glad I found these easy-to-wear gold cuffs; they're perfectly simple.

same shopping trip also ended with the purchase of these awesome neon earrings! I've been itching to try out some more extravagant styles and these not only fit the purpose, but were also significantly reduced. I always love trying out trends on the cheap!

miss the wonderfully sunny days, when this was my daily uniform...

some bits of an arm party. just hanging out on a super comfy sweater ;)

a couple of pieces currently on repeat

in love with all of the bf's t-shirts lately! I don't know why but his tend to get so amazingly soft and perfectly worn in, that it just makes me really wanna shrink 'em and take them off his hands...
but i wouldn't.

ok, i have, and will probably keep doing so until he catches me. ;)

Happy Weekend!

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