Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY statement bracelet

 Not even sure if the 20 seconds this took constitutes a DIY project, but I thought I'd share it as a neat way to mix and remake pieces you might have laying around. 
The bracelet was a relatively inexpensive buy a few years back and although I hadn't worn it in about a year, I couldn't part with it quite yet. Reason being, it's proven to be a really easy way to accessorize the simplest of outfits.
The broach I added is a family heirloom. Needless to say I've cherished it from the moment I received it, but haven't been able to wear it as much as I'd like. Attaching it to the bracelet means I get to wear it a lot more often, without sacrificing its actual purpose (so that whoever it's passed on to next get's to decide how they want to wear it ;) thinking way ahead, but it's good to plan, right?!)


  1. That's a great way to utilize a brooch. (: I'm really bad at wearing brooches, even though there are some seriously pretty ones...

    1. same here! i've accumulated quite a few (mostly vintage ones) but I rarely get to wear them :/



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