Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Etsy Bits: Guy Gifts

With the holiday season quickly approaching (ready or not, it's coming!) I've began making my list of potential presents for the awesome people in my life. I often find that guys are a bit tough to shop for, especially when trying to get them an original gift. That's why I've dedicated this week's Etsy bits to guy gift ideas by eight great Etsy shops!

The way I went into this was to think of things I would get for my guy friends, that would be both useful and unique! After finalizing my selection, I got my boyfriend to 'proof' it (haha) just to make sure these would qualify as items a guy would be excited to get this holiday season!

Here's the list of the awesome Etsy shops featured above:
cuffthis (something I think my brother would like; not necessarily a cuff-wearing type of fellow, but he loves legos ;)
woodtec (love the nature-tech clash! perfect for the out-doorsy, tech lover!)
PortugueseVintage (a practical gift with on old-world charm!)
BeeJayKay (how cool is that?! functional and a conversation piece ;))
Craftiness (any antique junkie would appreciate this one)
SweetAnneVintage (for the photography-lover!)
nokomomo (all sorts of neat designs available on this shop; loved the retro vibe of this one!)
mediumcontrol (totally practical + awesome designs= great combination!)

Hope this might help you with your holiday shopping list!

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