Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Style File: Polka Dots!

This week's Style File was entirely inspired by the first item- the gorgeous polka dotted dress by Anthropologie! I glanced at it as I was browsing through LouLou Magazine online, and fell in love instantly! Can you blame me, really?! The ultra-feminine shape, the very lady-like neckline, and the great polka dot print--what more can a girl ask for in a dress?!

That's being said, I found a bevy of other wonderful items along this theme, and a lot of them were from the beloved Etsy. (some good gift ideas there!;)
Of course ModCloth had a range of awesome polka dot apparel, but as I was limited to space I chose to feature the gorgeous teal coat which immediately stood out to me! (and its name-"Impressing the Gals"! so true!)
The polka dot tights-classic! (the link for them at the store had expired, but I know for a fact H&M and Joe Fresh had some great ones!). That's one pattern for tights that is just about always flattering, and can work with so many outfits.

I guess 'delightful' would be an appropriate word to sum up my infatuation with polka dots.;)

1. anthropologie dress
2. yellow polka dot clutch by FA2u
3. polka dot tights
4. modcloth coat
5. yellow polka dot shoe with bow
6. vintage blue and white scarf by hurdofsarah
7. tank by foreverXXI
8. white clutch with black polka dots by Bobettes
9. candy polka dots pouch by GimCarry
10. vintage navy blue skirt by floatingraindrops
11. polka dots Lucite earrings by NorthSpirit


  1. I love your polka dot choices (and that necklace that you made in the post below!)

  2. Thanks Connie!
    It was great to meet you sat. night!
    Love you blog!:)

  3. I've been coveting that polka dot anthro dress for weeks! Great post!

  4. Thanks Heather!
    I love that dress!!! 'Coincidently' I recently bought a polka dot dress, that I'm also loving!;))



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