Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DIY-lace earrings

A couple of posts ago, I showed an awesome DIY borrowed from HonestlyWTF showing how to create lace earrings. I was so inpsired by the idea, and just couldn't wait to find some time and make some myself!

Fittingly, with Christmas around the corner, these will make a lovely present for someone...:)


  1. so pretty! What did you use? I was so excited to try it out but then realized that my mom might not be too thrilled if I cut up her little table cover things :) must find something to cut up *searches*

  2. Thx! I used a crochet trim i got from my grandma (thankfully parts of it were kinda frayed, so I didn't feel too bad about cutting it up a bit ;)lol)

  3. I wonder who you are going to give these to? I hope you made a pair for yourself! They are gorgeous!!

  4. hahaha! I will definitely make some more! I luv them!



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