Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Special: Hair

I have to admit I'm no pro at hair styling (I don't even own a straightener...or a curler, for that matter). But I do like to experiment with braids and buns, and generally styles that won't cause damage, and even if they don't work out the way I had hoped, I can still fix it easily.

A few things you should know ;): I have very straight much so, that when i try to curl it it pretty much straightens out in about an hour, regardless of the amount of hairspray involved! I also don't dye my hair (for several reasons such as: don't really want more chemicals near my brain, don't want to worry about roots showing, etc.); and lastly--these are just a few little suggestions by moi; again--I'm NO pro!;)

This one made me proud! ;)) I basically braided my into two reverse french braids (so that the braid part is more visible) and then twisted them into a side bun. If I was going somewhere fancy, I would've added a pin, or some crystal hair clips like the ones seen below!

Sometimes nothing beats the convenience of a head band. But after a while they start to look a little dull, so I added a brooch (gift from my great-grandma!;). Now even with a simple bun, it looks more dressed-up; great for those holiday parties that are somewhat semi formal.

Lastly, I wanted to show a less dressy, but still interesting look, with a leather headband (circa 1980's hand crafted by my parents). I love, love, love the color leather they used, and the asymmetrical design! I feel like it would work for a dressier outfit, just more in the direction of earth tones; less sparkly glamor.
Sooo, what do you think? What are some of your favorite holiday hair styles? (pictures always welcome!:))
Be sure to visit my Etsy shop, to find more of my parents' leather creations!
Also, a special thanks to my bf for taking some awesome product pictures!:) (I'm in the process of convincing him to make a video about DIY product photography ;) keep your fingers crossed, lol)

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