Saturday, December 18, 2010

the debate

Perhaps the title of this post would lead you to think I'm about to discuss some highly important issue, or controversial event, and if that's so, then lower those expectations!
In keeping with the positive nature of the blog (glass half full, remember?!), I will stay away from anything too, too controversial, as to save you the trouble of reading me rant! (you're welcome :))

On that note, this post was inpsired by a conversation/debate if you will, about appropriate travel attire. I've been a part of several such discussions, where there always appears to be 2 extremes:
1. PJ's (like the flannel, plaid ones Old Navy always sells); some sort of over sized sport sweatshirt; Birkenstocks worn with socks, or in some cases UGGs; no accessories and no make up.
2. Pantyhose; pencil skirt; fitted blouse (or some other variation of a fitted top, depending on the weather); 7 inch stilettos, paired with a purse (usually from a renowned designer brand, or a not-so-real duplicate of such); all sorts of jewelry; and of course what appears to be professional hair and make up.

As far as I'm concerned I'd like to believe I don't fall into either one of those categories.
The argument most brought up by supporters of the first extreme, is always COMFORT. Which I get; most people want to be comfortable on a 7 hours flight. However, it's still possible to be comfortable AND look good ;)! After all, you never know who you might meet on a flight, and looking presentable is probably a good idea. (my mom and step-dad actually met on a plane, lol)
Also, do you really want the first sight of you, your family or friends (whoever has the pleasure to pick you up from the airport/train station) see, to be you in your plaid PJs? (I'm sure they eventually will, but maybe a little later into your stay ;)

The 2nd category-the catwalk ensemble- tends to focus most on looking over-the-top stylish. In my opinion, overdoing anything, /and style is no exception/, is almost as bad as not doing it at all. Style should be effortless; why else are people like Audrey Hepburn, or Grace Kelly so inspirational in their fashion sense?

So, I've put together a little outfit that I believe will provide all the comfort one can ask for AND still look put-together!
The break-down:
-Cotton leggings-does it get more comfortable that that?!
-Paired with a lovely, knit tunic-also super comfy AND will help keep you warm and cozy! I've added a loop scarf in a complementing color, because I find them extremely useful and easy to wear.
-A classic trench complete with chocolate brown piping and buttons- stylish and a necessity! (you might want to opt for a heavier jacket, depending on where you're going, but I always try to refrain from wearing a big down-filled one on a plane, since it's hard to store away during the flight)
-To add some pattern I added a classy dose of leopard print incorporated in the ever so practical AND comfy flats;
-And to accessorize within reason, I thought keeping the jewelry limited to a ring and stud earrings will be easy to wear, and still add a little flair (oh, that rhymed!!!that just made my day...)
-Also added a great, leather bag which has plenty of room for all of your travel necessities (such as moisturizer-but remember nothing over 50ml, lol); and of course a handy travel wallet!

What do YOU think?
Would love to hear what your opinion on appropriate travel wear is!
(and not to worry!even if you fall into one of the above mentioned extreme categories--I'll still be your friend....I might not sit beside you on a plane, but I'll still be your friend! lol ;)

1. Here to Infinity Scarf in Pumpkin- via Modcloth
2. Soft Serenade Cardigan- via Modcloth
3. The Spy Who Styled Me Coat-via Modcloth
4. Antique Stud Earrings- via ForeverXXI
5. Cotton Leggings- via ForeverXXI
6.Upwardly mobile Satchel in Cambridge University-via Modcloth
7. Leather Travel Wallet-via Danier
8. Leopard Velvet Corset Back Flats- via LuLu's
9. Faceted Oval Ring-via ForeverXXI

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