Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 out of 5-- re-love

Just realized that 95% of this outfit is made up of vintage/thrifted pieces! I know some people have mixed feelings about buying 'worn' clothing, but the way I see it, there's nothing wrong with giving a great item a second shot of life ;) (almost poetic, right?!). Another plus to vintage finds is their uniqueness! And yet another can be their price! True, in some venues, in certain cities, vintage can often be expensive, but for the most part you can find some really good steals, and at markets and such you can even negotiate the price (score!).

For example, the purse I wore with this outfit, I first saw a similar one at a antique market but the inside of it was not in the greatest condition, and the seller wanted $50 for it, so I walked away empty handed. Little did I suspect, at a different antique market I found this one (much better shape, and size) for $20, and because the little old lady liked me, I got it for $15! (DEAL!)

cropped sleeve blazer-my mom's closet
tank top- Dynamite
skirt- thrifted
purse- vintage
necklace- vintage (yey, garage sales!)


  1. I like this one!! Very nice blazer :) oh moms, they're so secretly stylish.

  2. haha!yep, and when their stuff fits us-it's the best!;)



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