Thursday, January 6, 2011

DIY- camera case

Sometimes I really want to make something except I've got no purpose for it...that's where friends come in ;)!
A close friend got a camera recently and lucky for me, no case! So, she asked me to make her one, and needless to say I was ecstatic for the opportunity to make her something and get to use bits and pieces of fabric I've got stacked around!;) (I do get excited easily...about crafty stuff, especially!)

Here's the step by step:
1. measure the camera or phone (could work for either) and trace on a piece of paper
2. using the measured piece of paper trace onto the fabric you've chosen; making sure you add an extra half an inch (about 1.5cm) for seam allowance all the way around, and a semi-circle on one side of one of the rectangles (which will become the flap enclosure)
3. cut the fabric; (depending on what type of fabric you choose, you might want to line it, so cut out the lining using the pattern too)
4. pin 3 sides together, with the fabric facing inside out (so that your stitches won't show); repeat the same for the lining, if you're using it.
5. sew! (machine or hand); turn it in, so that the stitches are inside, and place the lining inside with its stitched facing the outer shell's stitches
6. slip stitch the flap to the lining flap, and add a piece of string near the middle of the semi-circle
7. measure where you want to place the button; sew it on; and there you go!

hopefully those instructions aren't too confusing...:S Good luck!:)


  1. The one of many reasons it is good to be friends with Anjela. :) She also makes a yummy pasta!!! haha :)

  2. haha!true...she admitted modestly ;)lol



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