Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Some days, some mornings especially are more...challenging than others. Today was that way! The reason, you may wonder--a 'lovely' neighbor who decided 8am was an appropriate time to nail something continuously for 30 minutes! That's all I'll mention, because I've promised to keep things light and positive on this little blog; just wanted to explain my frown ;)

Also, honestly, I've avoided this vest for a while because I feel a little chunky in that's the second part of my challenge today-wearing it and trying NOT to feel chunky!

knit vest-Jacob
button up shirt- Lapis via Winners
boots-Franco Sarto
belt-?? via little shop in Rome :)
purse-vintage via my mom


  1. Don't you love thin apartment walls!
    That vest looks perfect with that belt! I like your purse too.
    G i v e a w a y!

  2. hehe I hate "those" neighbors!! Meanwhile, I adore that little purse!! It's just too perfect!!

  3. :X Franco Sarto!! I've never seen another fashion blogger with anything of his. This is exciting. I love this outfit btw, seems very elitist to me; almost like you're about to go horseback riding.

    Castle Fashion

  4. I. Love. This. Vest!!
    You don't look chunky in it at all! I think you styled it so great! I love it!

    And thanks for your comment girl! I had a really crappy day today and it made me smile :)
    Thank you!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of your comments!:)
    p.s.- neighbors were better today ;))



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