Tuesday, February 22, 2011

17/30- thrift tribute

This past summer a little store opened next door to the boutique I worked at, and it was a consignment/home decor/jewelry/other fun things you can think of buying. I started frequenting it quote often after my first buy (an awesome pair of never-been-worn Bronx sandals for $9); to the point where the owner would inform me/tempt me every time she got new stock and my boss and co-workers had gotten used to seeing me walk into work with a little bag from the place next door.
Several worth-it purchases later, came along this studded belt. It was pretty much love at first sight...and at 3 bucks, who could resist?!

blazer-vintage via my mom :)
sweater/tunic- RW&Co.
boots- Franco Sarto
earrings-handmade (vendor in Bulgaria)

p.s.-you know what's really great about second hand belts-the leather is a little worn in, which means they're much more comfortable to wear! (plus, cheaper,cooler,unique-er, etc....);)


  1. love this outfit specifically the belt, I like that you are creative with your outfits but not over the top!


  2. You have the best accessories! I am very minimal when it comes to jewelry/accessories, but you wear them great!

  3. Thanks Caton Ann and Becky! Such nice comments; you made my day ;)
    Lovely outfits you've got as well!

  4. I love how you gave the tunic some edge with that belt!

  5. I really like this outfit, the belt looks fabulous with that tunic sweater!

  6. Thanks Ramsey, coming from you that means a lot ;))
    Thanks Becca Jane-so sweet of you!

  7. You have the best belt collection EVER.



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