Saturday, February 26, 2011

21/30-'that multi-colored top'

Let me begin by saying my bf is awesome. He's patient, when I'm not, he's super-duper nice (yet he's OK with killing spiders when I don't want to), he's really supportive of everything I do, and to top it all off, he's handsome AND smart! He's also behind the camera in this whole operation ;) AND today marks ...a significant amount of awesome-time that we've been together!

Recently I needed him to send me a few pictures he had taken of me wearing this cardigan a while back, and I asked him to describe the pictures so that I was sure they were the right ones. His description was: "umm, you're wearing a multi-colored top..." ????
Obviously it took a while to get on the same page. When I finally realized what he was talking about I flat out laughed because this is a pretty monochromatic color scheme I got going on here, and yet he thought it most fitting to describe it as "MULTI-COLORED"!...boys, gotta love'em!;)

cardigan-Joe Fresh
ankle boots-Spring
bracelet-Forever 21
necklaces-independent jeweler

p.s.- I'm not sure why I look so serious in all of these...that wasn't intentional.

1 comment:

  1. maybe he meant that your personality is multi colored in these photos!? LOL. That cardigan is awesome! and I'm really crushing on your bracelet! Love it!



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