Sunday, February 6, 2011

5/30-Sunday Brunch

Or more appropriately-Fancy Sunday Brunch! When I was picking my 30 items I definitely wanted to include this pleated skirt which I recently bought at a thrift store for the great price of $4.99! I've been looking for a pleated skirt for a while now, and this one just called out my name (not literally, although that would've been cool). It did need a bit of an alteration because it was pretty long and kinda frumpy looking, but nothing my handy sewing machine couldn't fix!
I'm hoping through this challenge I'll be able to remix this skirt at least 4 different ways (I figure that's an appropriate amount for a $4.99 purchase).
Wish me luck!

oh! and the fancy part--my belt! Also a proud thrift buy ($2!) and if you know me, you'd know I can get pretty excited over beaded things, and this one was just so pretty, I couldn't pass it up!

shirt- Lapis via Winners
skirt- St.Michael (thrifted)
tights- Jew Fresh
oxford ankle boots- Spring
ring- forever 21
earrings- Swarovski
beaded belt- thrifted
clutch- vintage (via my grandma)


  1. I love that skirt! Such a nice pop of color with the black and white.

  2. Love the belt! I have a similar one in black, gold, and silver that I found at our thrift store. Who could say no to a beaded belt?!? :)

  3. That beaded belt is stunning! Love your tights too. I hope you had fun at your fancy Sunday brunch.

  4. LOVE the skirt, your outfit is very Madmen - very cool! I wish I could wear skirts like that but living in windy Wellington, New Zealand its pretty much impossible unless I want it flying up over my head. I think i might stick to something like your Day One outfit which is very very cool! Look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  5. Love the added touch of polka dots, and what a great thrifty find your skirt is. Love your previous outfits, too!

  6. Looking good! Adore the tights. I had a pair and ripped them :( I've been looking EVERYWHERE for new luck so far.

  7. Very pretty skirt. I love the cobalt blue and the pleats!



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