Monday, February 7, 2011

6/30- a fifth of the way done!

Note: The title is not to say I'm not enjoying the challenge or that I can't wait for it to be over; simply showing off my amazing math skills.

I dislike sacrificing my comfort for ...anything really, like most people. That's why I love it when I can wear stretchy fabrics such as the jersey this green dress/tunic is made of! So comfy, although not always incredibly forgiving, but that's besides the point. I also love when I can leave my home with a tiny purse like the one above, and feel like I've got everything I need with me. Don't get me wrong, I love me some over-sized totes, and purses of the kind, but I just feel so much lighter with a smaller bag (literally lighter! I put wayyy to much stuff in my bigger purses).
Added bonus of this purse-vintage; given to my mom from her grandma!;)

blazer-Forever 21
tunic/dress-Forever 21
tights- Joe Fresh
boots- Greenwich Village
belt- thrifted
purse- vintage via my mom ;)
pendant necklace- vintage (the pendant is actually a medal of my grandpa's)


  1. Loooooove this one :D

  2. Oh that purse is divine! I'm totally coveting it right now!

  3. loving this tunic. the color is great, its flattering and it looks super comfy ... that makes it a winner in my book!



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