Wednesday, February 9, 2011

8/30- Size doesn't *always* matter

When it comes to clothing, finding the right size is usually pretty crucial, but not always! This sweater-tunic proves the above statement. It's about 4 sizes bigger than what I usually would buy at this particular store, but I tried it on anyways with the intention of wearing it as a tunic. Did i mention it was also heavily discounted, and the only one left?
In any case, here's a few things to look out for when buying something in the wrong size, intentionally:
-sleeves: they can be a problem (unless you're a wizard at altering, adjusting arms holes, shoulder length, etc., is a bit tricky and frustrating)
- length: make sure it's something you're comfortable with because making things longer is kind of hard (especially knit pieces like this sweater)
- overall fit: if the garment is suppose to be fitted, it probably won't look good if it doesn't fit properly (shocking right?!). With that being said, alterations can sometimes make the world of difference and with certain items that may be worth it
- and lastly, the more complex the garment is (meaning the more seams, pleats, fold, pockets, etc. it has) the more difficult it would be to alter it to fit you perfectly, and the less likely it is to look good just on it's own without alterations. For example, I once found a gorgeous dress 3 sizes too big and had to part with it simply because it would have cost me more to alter it than the original price tag (it lives on in my memory of course).

blazer: forever 21
sweater/tunic: RW&Co.
scarf: ?? via winners
belt: vintage
tights: Anne Klein

Any tips of your own?


  1. Such a great look. Can I have your belt?

  2. Love the sweater dress with the belt. Great outfit.

  3. You look great! I have a a few items in my closet that i purposely bought a few sizes too big. I usually wear them wtih jackets or something similar to how you did to cover up the areas where it's clearly too big on me.

  4. great post!! It can be really fun to buy something on sale in the wrong size, and make it work. It was really smart of you to post some things to remember when doing this!! You definitely made it look like it was made to be a tunic!



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