Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blue Skies- 2/30

Waking up to the most beautiful sun shine (you'd be this excited too if you had to be out in the 'storm' yesterday!) this morning, I immediately wanted to put on something light and flowy (can't believe 'flowy' isn't in the dictionary!) despite the fact it's still pretty cold's just deceivingly beautiful!
This shirt/dress I found on sale for $14 and as soon as I touched it I knew it was coming home with me! At first it felt kinda like cotton/silk combo, but it was in fact viscose. I've loved this fabric for a while now, especially because it's really airy during the summer and yet its natural fibers also make it great for layering during the colder months! Double deal!
Hence why I've chosen it as one of my 30 items-versatility is key!

Here's the breakdown:
shirt dress- Joe Fresh (sale)
wool tights- ?? (probably street vendor in Bulgaria)
boots- Franco Sarto
belt- thrifted ($4!)
gloves- my momma's ;)
necklace- vintage

p.s.- yes, the belt buckle has an embroidered horse! It was love at first sight...

*update*-just added my list of items for the 30 for 30! Now you can make sure I'm not braking the rules!


  1. I love this top so much! It is really flowy (in a good way), Wow, can't believe how sunny it is. Where do you live? I'm from the east coast and it's still freezing and dark out.

  2. I live in Toronto, Canada; we got a fair bit of snow and gloomy weather in the past few days, but today was just stunning! (slush and ice aside, of course)

  3. I love that shirtdress! It looks like one of those great things that you can wear year round with more (or fewer) layers!

  4. I like the ruggedness of the belt and gloves. Nicely done!

  5. Thanks Kris!
    p.s.- they matched by total coincidence!

  6. That belt is RAD. Nice thrift find!

  7. Thanks Mariel, I think so too!;)
    Have fun remixing!

  8. oh, i love that belt!! and your pretty blue top!



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