Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Procrastinator! 1/30

Yep, a day late, but I'm starting my 30 for 30! Here's #1!

This outfit was all about comfort (which is essential in the chilly weather we've been having). I actually have a story about the 'boyfriend' blazer: it was my first clothing item bought online! And I must admit I was kinda worried when i first opened the package because the buttoning is so low that it draws a lot of attention to my hips (not something I'm up for every day). As it turns out though it's really comfy, and I kinda think paired up with layers like this it's not too hip-showy (I enjoy making up terms like that...)

blazer- Forever 21
long gray cardigan- Joe Fresh
teal loop scarf- H&M
wool tights-?? (gift)
boots- Greenwich Village
purse- made by me! (that's a good story too!;)

I promise I'll do a double post as to make up for yesterday! After all I've had a habit of changing outfits throughout the day since I was 3, so that shouldn't be too times ;)

p.s.- a list of my 30 items will be up soon! and the delay is not due to my procrastination, no sir! just to some lack of computer skills...:(


  1. love your chic look - great boots!

  2. Better late than never!! :D Love your scarf!

  3. love love the blazer! I think it's just the right amount of hip-showy, so it's all good. You look great. :)

  4. LOVE the boots!

  5. ohhh am loving your look! Annnnd those awesome boots! No worries about being late, I am not starting until today either. Snowstorm and all :) Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  6. Ohh thanks so much everyone!
    The boots are 2 years old now but I found a great shoemaker who repaired the caps so I don't have to part with them!;)
    And the scarf IS great--loop scraves are just such a great idea!:)

  7. This outfit speaks coolness to me. So chic. I also like the DIY purse!

  8. You are completely darlin'! You look like a celebrity on a cover of one of those grocery store line magazines. Perfectly casual. Where is your Starbucks?

  9. haha!I'll remember the Starbucks next time, lol!
    Thanks Karrie and Ramsey!;) Loving your looks!

  10. Cute print and colors on the clutch! Your outfit is very well put together! You look awesome!
    I found you through the remix list btw!


  11. Thanks LaToya!
    Have fun remixing! (I know I will ;))

  12. Can I please get a pair of those boots? They are great. Are they vintage? You noted they are from Greenwich village. I really like your style!

  13. LOVE IT! Tres chic! And I love that purse. You should totally sell them or do a tutorial on how you made it!

  14. Rachel-thanks for your comment! I got the boots from 'the shoe company' 3 years ago (so not quite vintage yet!) The brand is "greenwich village" but I've only ever seen it at the 'shoe company'.
    Loving your outfits too!

    London Lisa- thanks! I hope to make a little tutorial about it soon!:)

  15. I LOVE your blog! That purse is great. you made that?!?!

  16. Thanks Angela!
    Yeah, I made it for a school project a while back, and thankfully it's stayed in pretty good shape this far!



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