Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Style Matters: Made At Home Lighting

This past weekend I was excited to check out the Made At Home show, and I was blown away by the amazing work of the designers! I wanted to share some of the pieces that really stood out to me, and I'll start this week with the lighting.

The following light fixtures are all designed and crafted by talented Canadian designers. Their abilities to work with and combine various materials, as well as draw inspiration from ordinary objects (such as plates!how cool is that?!) resulted in these remarkably original pieces.

Love the organic shape of the glass and the roughness added by the thick, exposed wires (which I overheard were old TV wires!)

It was really cool to have all of these different designs in the same space; created an interesting juxtaposition between the futuristic look of the pieces above, and the DIY/vintage flair of the ones in the bottom image.

How awesome is the glass bottles chandelier?! Definitely a piece I'd buy!

See what I mean about drawing inspiration from ordinary objects?! I was mesmerized by this one! I'll never look at a stack of dishes the same way!

Love the unique use of materials in this chandelier. Definitely a personal favorite!

If I had to pick the one piece that blew me away the most, it would have to be the amazing fixture featured above! From a distance it seems as though the designer simply spray painted several sneakers and hung them up, but if you get close to them you realize the sneakers are actually made from clay! The workmanship, the details, the amazing texture, everything about this piece was just extraordinary!

Another great personal favorite! Obviously more conventional than some, but I just love the way the fixture breaks up the light.

This was actually the first light to grab my eye, probably because of the intricate detailing on each clay piece which I found simply beautiful. Also loved the softness of this fixture and the way the design allows for enough light to shine through even though the material used (clay) is not very transparent.

So in a few words: Loved the show, loved the designers, and LOVED their pieces!
For more information visit madedesign.ca/athome

p.s.- more from the show coming soon!


  1. Completely agree with you Connie- that one I could've just taken home!;)

  2. I'm still amazed by the sneaker lights lol...suuuch amazing detail

  3. Loved the sneakers one! So true, the detail was incredible!



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