Sunday, February 13, 2011

Made by Me

When I need a break from...anything really, I usually make jewelry (and in most cases, necklaces). It's just one of those things that relaxes me and never causes me an ounce of stress!
This little necklace was pretty easy to make, and I'm actually quite happy with the turn out!

I'm even contemplating putting it up on my Etsy shop...thoughts?


  1. It is beautiful! I never considered crocheting a necklace! Great work!

  2. it is so gorgeous! did you crochet the little circles on your own or did you just string them together? it's adorable, I would LOVE to own it :)


  3. Cute! I'd love to see the necklace on and styled. Did you use a pattern, or just free-crochet?

  4. Thanks everyone!:)

    Trisha-I didn't use a pattern, I just went at it and made several circles in different sizes; then I arranged them and connected them!
    I'll be wearing it in one of my next outfit posts!

  5. Agree with everyone above! you are very talented!

  6. This is really pretty and totally something I would wear. Yes, you should put it on esty OR you could do I giveaway.



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