Tuesday, February 15, 2011

11/30- spring is in the air

With the snow finally melting I was glad to wear my 'newer' riding boots. You see, these boots are a year old now and I plan/hope to be able to get a lot more wear out of them, and that's why I refuse to wear them when there's snow/slush/salt grains the size of quarters on the ground. (Yes, I'm border line weird when it comes to protecting leather shoes...I guess it's time you knew that about me)
In other ways the weather affected my wardrobe choices--finally ripped off the tag of this flowery top! even though we were still well below zero, I kinda felt like today was the beginning of spring...which is setting myself up for disappointment of course come ...well, tomorrow.

Oh and lastly, Trisha in case you see this--took your advice and wore my little necklace!;)

cardigan-Joe Fresh
top- Anthropologie
boots- Franco Sarto
glasses-Nine West
necklace- made by me


  1. Ha ha! Thanks! It looks really cute.

    Seeing it one helps me visualize the scale of the circles.

  2. no problem Trisha, haha!
    thanks ;)

  3. Great top!! I've been thinking of busting out my florals soon too. And the crocheted necklace looks great :)

    Xo Chelle

  4. Cute look. I really love this necklace. Very pretty and adds a great look to your outfit.




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