Saturday, March 26, 2011

DIY: re-purposed

As you may already know I love DIY (and sincerely wished I had more time to do tutorials on this little blog of mine)! This particular one took about 1 minute, and cost roughly $2 (not counting the shoes).
Come spring/summer you'll see just how much I love these shoes; they're super comfy, have a slight wedge and I've literally walked miles in them with no problem! I also love them for the simplicity, which allowed me the get a little creative and re-purpose old ear-rings as shoe clips!

To recreate this you'll need:
1. a pair of shoes, regardless of height, color, or material. You just need them to have a not too thick of an edge (or else the earrings won't clip)
2. clip on earrings! I suggest you take a little stroll down to your local thrift store and search through the most inexpensive jewelry (that's where I found these ones for only $1.99) that no is likely to wear as is. (I should've snapped a picture of these on my ears, they're HUGE!)

And all you have to do is snap'em on your shoes! DONE :)

Here's another example, using vintage earrings from the 60's (courtesy of my lovely grandma):



  1. This is adorable. It's actually a brilliant idea--I'd be afraid I'd lose one of the earrings off, though. Now you've got me all curious to see what kinds of things I can do with my shoes.

    Just Take a Bow, brand new personal blog.

  2. Thanks Sarah!:) I actually tried this back in the fall when I dared show my toes outside (winter here is just not letting go!) and the earrings stayed on the whole time, until I took one of my shoes off and then one of them slipped off...but I was home already and it was no big deal. So I guess, as long as I keep my shoes on outside, these babies should be staying on too!;) I'll keep u posted, haha

  3. what a great DIY idea!! love how these clips really transform the shoes!

    cute & little
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  4. So cute and clever! The perfect lil' touch!

  5. im loving this idea! What a cute way to change up a pair of shoes and make them look new



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