Monday, March 28, 2011

when it rains

Although these pics were taken when it was sunny out, this is an 'when it rains' type outfit. Hence, the rain boots! Some people hate them, some people love them but refuse to pay $$$ for a pair (I'm in this group; I mean they're RUBBER!) and then there's people who would do anything for a pair. I just wanted a pair that keep my feet dry, and are in a fun color to look at :) With that consideration, it was a toss up between yellow and red.

blazer- Forever 21
cardigan-vintage via my grandma (the woman sure knows how to keep things in mint condition)
top- vintage (via my mom in the 80' was actually a romper!)
pants-?? via Winners
boots-?? via Winners
bangles & watch- vintage


  1. I love bright colored rain boots! I need a new pair for next year because mine finally kicked the bucket, haha. The detailing on your outfit is great. Can I borrow your closet? Hah.

    Just Take a Bow

  2. Wow! Love the layers!

  3. I LOVE GUMBOOTS!!! but am in the same mind as you, I am not forking out tones of money for them! Mine go on dog walks and help mow my lawns...sometimes the dog also chews them...totally not worth it!

    Also!! Loving the lace up top!!!

  4. I need to get a pair of rain boots, especially with the dreary conditions in San Francisco. This is the perfect rain outfit! The blazer and sweater look so cozy. xoxo

  5. Hey girl! Sorry I haven't been around much either. I've been super busy with school and haven't been able to comment, or even READ, my favorite blogs! So I also apologize for my absence! Ha.
    But that's so cool about your major! I'm studying International Business! We have very similar majors! Ha.

    I love this outfit though. Such a great color for rainboots! And that top is so cuteee!

  6. thanks everyone! love all of your comments :)

  7. Oh my gosh I soooo love that lace up denim top. I need it!!

    strawberry freckleface



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