Saturday, April 2, 2011


This blog isn't a place for me to complain and nag about things (other than the weather, which some of your already realize) but I feel like I need to put this out there, as a warning. I bought this dress at H&M in my correct size a while back, and was totally loving it until I wore it, washed it and it shrunk in the strangest ways possible. Most often garments shrink in one direction; pants might get shorter, sweaters tighter; this dress shrunk in all directions! Especially at the top; which is why I've layered it (the top 3 buttons refuse to close up).
So, moral of the story, because there always is one, don't trust your size...even if it's the same one you've worn for years. Not cool H&M, not cool at all.

tights-?? winners
boots-Franco Sarto

To keep things in the positive spirit of this blog- I suppose it all works out since I get to layer the dress, and that makes it kinda fun. But I still would have liked the option of wearing just it...


  1. I have a hard time buying things there, to be honest. I'm a tried and true size 4 in everything almost anywhere, but there I have to go for between an 8 and 10 unless it is really stretchy. And nothing I've gotten from them has washed particularly well. It's a rough life being a piece from H&M, I suppose. I'm going to have to dry clean the blazer I got from them lest it be destroyed.

  2. It's too bad the dress shrunk disappointingly, but you saved it! This outfit layered as you have looks great!

  3. Oh I never put any H&M clothes in the dryer...usually I hang or line dry their clothing...I learned this lesson a few years ago too.

  4. Oh I hate when that happens! I decided a little while ago that I would spend a little extra to buy quality stuff.... but it's SO HARD to stick with that when there's fast fashion that does land in your budget (sadly, the expensive clothes don't! lol)
    This looks adorable layered though! Love the polka dots! xx

  5. regardless of the looks adorable on you!



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