Monday, April 4, 2011

look away

I'm just now starting to realize that I tend to look away in a lot of these pics...not sure why that is; definitely not so that you could see my strange, lopsided bun!
Can't get over how beautiful this sunset was! Oh, how I've missed the long days, and breezy evenings of what's starting to look a lot like spring :) (don't wanna jinx it, so I'll stop here!)

jersey cardigan-Forever 21
top-?? via Winners
belt-Nine West
shoes (not seen)- Gido
necklace- Forever 21

Btw, a question for you; I wore this top out on St. Patrick's Day, as the greenest thing I own, only to be bashed by a couple of friends who called it TEAL! Needless to say, the lengthy debate we had over this came to no conclusion, so I ask you: is it green or teal?
*your participation in this is greatly appreciated!


  1. oh i love your necklace! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. Another awesome necklace! You are killing me with all these accessories to die for!

  3. i agree with the comment above, it's a great necklace! you look great :)

  4. Well, according to my phone, that looks more than sufficiently green, lovely Anjela. Tell them to bite you 'cause it's green.

    I'm jealous of the pretty weather you have since it has been raining on me all day! Boo, Oregon.

    *Opinion subject to change if I ever see the fabric in real life and decide otherwise. (:

  5. thanks everyone!

    Marie and Sarah-you guys just won me an argument ;) that makes us besties, right?!

  6. That top is definitely green. Your necklace is super cute! I really like your shades as well.



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