Tuesday, April 5, 2011

shopping for free

After my bf and I moved into our tiny, little apartment, with its very limited closet space, I was a bit concerned about how we'd share a closet that's a quarter the size of my old one. Took me a while to realize there's benefits to sharing- I get to 'shop' in his closet (his t-shirts are so comfortable, it's unreal)! That's how I 'got' the top I'm wearing here; genius? I think so! Oh, and when some of his shirts shrink in the dryer (by complete accident, obviously)--it's like Christmas morning!;)

t-shirt- 'borrowed' from bf
belt- gifted (from Florence)
flats- Joe Fresh
leather jacket-Danier


  1. Funny, I just realized I've never bought PANTS at H&M. Only shirts and some mittens once. Great outfit!

  2. I've always been curious about this "accidental shrinkage" many blogging ladies talk about. I guess I'll have to wait until I one day have the chance to find out first hand. Haha. (:

  3. Shopping for free is our favourite thing!!!

    Unfortunately husband is a jeans and hoodie type of guy by night, high visability vest and safty pants by day. Not really a closet I'm excited about :) :)

  4. You look so rocker chic! I LOVE it!!

    I love borrowing things from by boyfriend too. I'm going to have the best time when we finally live together to "shop" in his closet ;)



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