Wednesday, April 13, 2011

one down

I was kind of tempted to go out write my exam in my yoga pants (probably the sport-iest thing in my closet) and rain boots, but then I opted out because I've been living in my pj's and yoga pants for the past 3 days anyways, so I needed to actually put together an outfit! Still wanting to be comfortable (I was going to write a 3 hour exam after all) I threw on this light-weight jersey top which I've quickly fallen in love with (it's soooo soft!)

In other news, one exam's on to the rest. But since I feel like celebrating this little accomplishment, I went thrifting with a friend and got some pretty sweet things (which I'm sure you'll soon get a chance to see :)

top-??via Winners
belt-Tommy Hilfiger
tights-Joe Fresh
boots-Steve Madden
necklace-Forever 21


  1. I am glad you decided to get dressed and that your exams are over. Shorts are a much better option then yoga pants for public viewing and your are really cute. I like your bold necklace too!

  2. Love that necklace! Glad your exam is over!!

  3. Cute outfit!! I loved how you pulled back your hair!

    Good luck on exams girl! I know you'll do great!!
    So jealous that you're almost done with school!

  4. the outfit is gorg. love the shirt, and i wouldn't have thought to pair it with a necklace like that, but i love it!
    good luck on exams:)

  5. Yay for finishing the first exam! Power through the rest and return to your lovely blogging (and relaxed) self. I hate exam time, it's overly stressful for no reason.

    Also, that top looks so comfortable.



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