Friday, April 8, 2011

kids department

From the many, many awesome gifts my mom's given me, this sweater is one of my favorites; soft, warm, plus the cowl neck is like a scarf and you know how I love versatility :) Apparently she spotted it at a kids department, which just proves that size isn't everything (or that kids sizes are getting bigger these days...either one).

leather jacket-Danier
sweater- some kids store
boots- Steve Madden


  1. you look fantastic!
    You always remember me Kristen Stewart! for the form of your face and your smile = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. I LOVE that sweater!! The cowl neck is so great and you styled it in such a chic way! Love it girl :)

    And I understand about not wanting to share your feelings about your bf in such a public way. I've been hesitant too, but I just felt like it was appropriate at the time. I'm trying to get more personal on my blog, so lately I'm trying to share just whatever's been on my mind. Ha. And gushing about my boyfriend was. Ha. Plus the boyfriend is an avid reader of my blog so I wanted to leave him a nice surprise ;)

    Hope you had a great day girl! Have an amazing weekend!!

  3. Some of the BEST things I have ever owned were from the kids department! Like that ruffly shirt form a few days ago. And other awesome clothes that I don't think you've ever seen before! So great.

    I'm lovin' the juxtaposition of the jacket and the sweater--they offset each other well and work together to create a very chic look! I might have to jack this idea and apply it to my own closet.

  4. So crazy. I'm pretty lucky too, since I'm small (5' and pretty petite). For a long time, I would buy kids sizes of jeans. And I can still buy kids shoes every once in a while, when they're not too dreadfully childish. It's sort of silly. I love the graphic interest in the sweater :)

    <3 Lea

  5. Yup, another comment. First, Lea, boo on you for fitting into smaller things. I'm still jealous.

    Second, Lea passed on an award/activity thing to me and I'd like to pass it on to you. No pressure, but I'd love to see your post. (:



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